Ethical + Budget Friendly Kids Closet

We all know kids grow fast, play hard, and that they don’t really care much about what they are wearing. Over the past couple of years I have been trying to buy clothes more responsibly, clothes that are ethically made, and that are made to last. It’s safe to say that these clothes cost more up front, they are an investment, and if you know me it takes me about a month to finally make a purchase on something i have been eyeing. But how does this translate into a kids closet? Why spend money on things they will grow out of quickly, get stains on, and holes in? How do we build a closet that is easy to mix and match? How do we build a (mostly) ethical closet on a budget? Let’s chat!

First things first, buy secondhand! Grey’s closet is about 50 percent secondhand. There are so many good resources to buying used clothing, here are some of my favorites: on Instagram, @noihsaf.kiddos they have so many goodies that pop up on a daily basis! Make sure to turn post notifications on, things go quick! And on Facebook follow Rylee and Cru BST, they do yard sale weeks once per month, where people can post any brand to sell, again things go quick!

Another thing I’ve learned is picking a few items to splurge on, I usually aim to have 5 outfits of his that I love and the rest can be play clothes! Also, this year I have learned to stop splurging on pants for him, they will just get holes! So that’s when I buy secondhand or from Zara or Target! A huge tip that I have is: pay attention to what resells well! I’ve found that Mabo and Fin & Vince resell for close to the retail price, these are the types of brands you will want to make your splurge pieces! Say you buy a shirt for $22 and you resell it for $16 shipped, you made back all but about $9 of that item!

I always feel a little more confident in our better quality pieces, because I save almost everything for when we have a second baby. I try to stick with neutrals, although we don’t believe in girl and boy colors over here! Anything goes!

Buy the basics, items that are easy to mix and match! Good brands to start your ethical kids clothing (on the lower end of pricing) are Quincy Mae and Mabo! They are both pretty reasonably priced and both resell well, both brands have great basics to start building on.

Find what works for you! Grey and I stay home a lot, so the 5 cute outfits rule works for us! His summer wardrobe is a bit of an exception because he had a lot that still fit from last year, so I love his whole closet this season and didn’t like almost any of his winter clothes ha! I have a friend that keeps her daughters closet to 20 items, and I love that rule because it keeps you from shopping too much, but you still get to have fun and buy cute stuff!

Last tip! It is no lie that Australian brands have it going on! Seriously, why do they have all the cute stuff? They have opposite seasons as us, as we are approaching cold weather they are approaching warm weather, so it is great to buy ahead because you can usually get it on sale! Also, ask friends if they want to buy anything too! International shipping can be pricey, so it is nice if you have someone to split it with!

Here is Grey’s whole summer wardrobe (photos are not edited so you can see true colors), you will find the brand names listed below!

  1. Mabo / 2. Mabo / 3. Mabo / 4. Sem Label / 5. Piccoliny / 6. Summer & Storm / 7. Summer & Storm / 8. Secondhand / 9. Petits Vilains / 10. Rudy Jude / 11. Millk Co / 12. J. Crew / 13. Secondhand Red Creek Linen / 14. Secondhand Red Creek Linen / 15. Go Gently Nation / 16. Secondhand Misha and Puff / 17. Rylee & Cru / 18. Millk Co / 19. Adidas / 20. The Humble Soles

Drop a comment if you have any questions! // Sorry for the wrinkles, mom ;)