Fail Proof Christmas Guide

Always and forever struggling to come up with Christmas gifts, figuring out what to splurge on, how to budget, small things to add, and of course how to make it feel thoughtful and tailored to the person you are giving to. Here is a fail proof guide that will help you find something for your mom, wife, partner, sister, cousin, husband, baby daddy, or the kid in your life.

A few things I also like to add in is, a gift card to a local coffee shop, a bag of coffee (use code hilldots to get 50% off your first bag at aka no. 9 on the list, and y’all their shipping is only like $2!), soap from a local store or Anthropologie, and LOTION. Ya girl loves lotion, who doesn’t? The key is to shop local or look for places with free shipping because on top of gift buying, shipping adds up quick! Last tip, buy gift sets and separate them between people, like the peach jam or East Fork box listed below, a candle set, or a set of soaps!


  1. for the hard worker/ tired mama // 2. for anyone with hands // 3. for a mama // 4. for the kiddo // 5. for the coffee lover // 6. for the pottery lover // 7. for the lover of good packaging // 8. for the kiddo // 9. for the coffee lover pt. two // 10. for the bearded guy // 11. for the skin care lover // 12. for the foodie // 13. for the motorcycle guy // 14. for the kiddo // 15. for a special lady // 16. for the sentimental person // 17. for the gal who works out or wears work out pants to get groceries, either is cool // 18. for the new baby // 19. for the cool kid / adult // 20. for anyone with a nose

Tips on keeping your kids gifts minimal for the holidays:

Your family is always going to ask what to buy for your kiddos, be prepared! We ask for small things, something for outside, books, and something he really needs! We typically only buy Grey one or two things because we know the grandparents like to spoil him! This year we bought him a stacking toy and a play mat! Things we asked for: Willaby Blanket, riding toy for outside, felt fruit and vegetables, and books!